"History is like a puzzle with many pieces missing, you must still find the big picture even if it is not completely clear."


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Yutsuko is fairly average in terms of height and weight. Her skin is very light, and her cheeks are round. Her eyes are droopy and periwinkle coloured. Her eyes are framed by large, round, silver glasses. Her hair is a light beige colour, and is in long, corkscrew curls with straight and long bangs going just below her eyebrows. She wears an old fashioned navy blue dress that goes just over her knees. There are buttons and folds in the front of the dress and the large sleeves of the dress are white. She has a belt around her waist and many other belts around her legs, covering her leather boots. She wears knee-high socks, with lacy frills at the top.

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Yutsuko grew up in a high class family. She didn't go outside much but, using the books on the shelves, her love for history grew. Her high knowledge and love of history gave her her fame as the "Ultimate Historian". Although not much is known about her past, but she does not show much love for the present and/or future.

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