"It's not just a festival! Everything about it makes it amazing! The lights brightly colored lights, the endless food stalls, all the different yukatas, and most importantly: The people you go with! So don't even think you can get away with mocking it!"


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Yuna has red sneakers with white laces on her feet. She’s really short, so she had to buy them in the children’s department. Yuna also wears thigh-high green and black striped socks. Her skirt is a plain grey color, as there isn’t anything too special about it.

For her shirt, she just has a plain white button-up shirt, with a pink sleeveless sweater on top of it. The sleeves are usually rolled up on the shirt, and accompanying it she has a bright pink tie-thing that the people at airports use. She also has a coral green bracelet.

She has brown eyes. Her hair is brown, with green tips on the sides of her face, and she has one long piece of hair stretching down her forehead. There is only one side ponytail on the right side of her head. She also has a cat ears that she puts in her hair.

Backstory Edit

Yuna Ebisuzuwa is a fairly well-known girl. She has appeared on many TV programs, especially ones that are home-oriented, ones similar to HGTV.  On TV, she is a preppy girl, always filled with positivity and energy, but if you knew her in real life, you’d have to say she’s unmotivated and boring. She’s planned out many festivals, including ones for school, weddings, funerals even. Rumors have gotten out that she may be planning something for this year’s golden week.

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