"Contrary to the beliefs of many, gift wrapping requires little creativity, instead relying on precision and knowledge; my specialty."


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You is obviously very short and chubby, but aside from that, she has silver hair, worn in two short twintails. You has gray eyes, with bags that easily show how little sleep she gets, and her face is very pale in colour and is adorned in freckles. You wears a green-elf costume constantly. This entails black shoes in the style of a traditional jester, green and white striped stockings that go all the way to her waist, a green, long-sleeved dress with a red outline adorned with snowflakes and a green hat mimicking that of Santa Claus, although where there would regularly be white, there is now red. She is also covered in bells, making silent movement difficult. She also wears traditional reading glasses to help her focus on her gift wrapping.

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Not much is known about You Ayaka as she tends not to be in the public eye. What is known about You, however, is her ability to wrap presents with extreme precision and delicacy, as well as her penchant for elf costumes. It’s believed that she works freelance, giftwrapping presents for various retail stores, but from what is known, she tends not to interact with the people who hire her unless absolutely necessary.

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You voiced in the song The Real Sugar Baby.