Oshiro was voted guilty for killing Miyumi Kimura, and after her confession and explanation of how it went down, she was sent to her death by Monokuma.

Music: Tsubasa wo Kudasai

Oshiro is set on a stage, Monokuma paparazzi cheering and taking photos and even videos of her, as she's singing on-stage. The execution starts at the end of the concert, the band leaving the stage, and Oshiro leaving through the backstage exit. As soon as she does, a lot of Monokuma interviewers hoard the door, enclosing her in for a minute. She struggles for a minute to leave the hoard, and does it successfully, but she made a mistake, in the end. She ends up kicking a little Monokuma 'kid' (which is mostly monokuma just with a little hat lmao) and he fakes crying. The interviewers behind her take a photo of the incident immediately, and she is quickly slapped in the face with a newspaper reading 'LOCAL SINGER ABUSES KID!'. She takes it off her face, angered, and turns back to the Monokuma interviewers. All of them seem equally angered, and begin to run behind Oshiro.

Oshiro runs in fear through a cartoon city, tripping in by the way- The Monokumas taking a moment to take a photo of her. She is slapped with another newspaper. 'LOCAL SINGER LOSES BALANCE!' She rips it over her face, the Monokumas taking another opportunity to take her another photo. 'LOCAL SINGER REACTS ANGRILY TO TRUTH!' She frowns, for a minute, looking behind scared at the Monokumas, to where the point she begins running frenetically again, everything wrong she does to escape; bump over a building; kick a rock; anything, Monokumas take photos of her, and she begins to be continuously blocked by lots of articles, magazines and newspapers. She keeps on running, covering her face and crying, to a minute the Monokumas stop taking photos of her. There are still magazines on her face, so she makes sure to remove them immediately. And when she does, she stepped right into a cliff, barely hanging on it. She screams, minutes to her death, until a last Monokuma interviewer comes close, aims his camera to her face, and takes a photo. Oshiro is startled by the flash, to the point she lets go, and falls to her obvious death.

After a minute, all of the students are greeted with a single magazine. [MONOSTACLES!] The cover reads several articles such as [THE TAROT READER THAT GOT 13] [THE BLOGGER AND HER LOVER], and.... [SINGER COMMITS SUICIDE.]