"I like riddles, because they're not that easy. They always have some sort of challenge to them, and require you to think outside of what normal people think. And sometimes you're thinking of the wrong thing altogether!"


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Let’s go from bottom to top. On his feet, Rokuro wears dark grey leather shoes. For his legs he wears some pretty average grey slacks, with a belt hidden by his red button-up vest and his dark grey suit jacket. The vest and the jacket both have gold buttons, and the jacket has a pocket right above his heart, with the kanji 六六六 underneath it. Underneath the sleeveless vest he has a white dress shirt and a red tie, which is pretty normal and has the kanji し on it. Rokuro's face is a bit lighter than usual. He has red eyes and hair, sharing the same colour. Finally, on top of his head he wears a bowler hat that’s the same shade of grey, with a red band around the bottom, and has the kanji 不思議 on it.

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Rokuro Mumutsu(born June 6th 1999) is a Japanese student who has been linked with a large amount of riddles and puzzles provided in newspapers and websites. While there is little known about his personal life, it is known he lives in the Kantō Prefecture and attends an internet school.

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  • Rokuro's design was based off of a character from an online trading card game, Jaxx LD.