"If you think you have a chance at becoming buddy buddy with me like everyone else, then I can only wonder what kind of fucked up world your tiny brain swims and drowns in."


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Requiem’s appearance can be easily broken down due to the fact she wears rather simple clothing. Her upper body dons a black wife beater / tank top underneath a white jacket with collar, puffy sleeves that can be pulled back and buttoned up to her middle biceps if needed. A choker inhabits the space around her neck. On her hips rest a black skirt, and black spats underneath. Further down, she wears black stockings that fade into shoes, once again black enough to seems as though they’re both one and the same where, in fact, she wears boots.

Her hair comes in the form of a short, soft layered, black bob that frames her oval shaped face. Her piercing eyes take on the color of dark amethyst, and her skin a fair pale.

Backstory Edit

A girl born within the snow, Requiem’s being in its entirety resembles that of a piercing, icy chill. Cruel, cunning, and creative in her insults, no one person that has ever come into contact with her had staved off her fierce freeze. That is, other than that of the boy who can be seen commonly clinging to her side ( and, more so, seen being pushed away ). Due to her typical slice at others, not much is known of her other than the fact that she lives together with another and attends HPA, but it can be noted that she goes through unconventional ways to achieve her desires, and -- more importantly -- feels no remorse in actions deemed “ immoral. ”

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