"Remind me to care next time."


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A quirky, talkative girl. She can’t keep a secret most of the time, and would probably slip up a secret sometimes. She’s not as airheaded as some models or vocalists, but still, seems to not have much knowledge of basic things. Tries to pay a lot of attention, but yet, fails mostly at it. Most of the time, her ego and talent go to her head, giving her an arrogant look, or a ‘good friend’ look, but still, not enough to make up that, she’s really centered on her own talent, as if it were the only thing she’s good for. (Though, technically, it is.) When making a friend, she’ll usually slip up, using the wrong wording or whatever. This is just a one time thing. When you get to know her, things go downhill.

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A normal girl, or so she tries to be. When she was young, around 7 or 8 y/o, she was quickly discovered to, have that ‘voice of an angel’ during singing, to which, she was appointed to many different choirs during the time, her parents being proud of her. When she was 13, practicing the most of songs during a practice, a businessman heard her, to which, she started getting into show business, first, covering up a corrupt idol’s voice, then, finally, at the age of 16, becoming famous herself for doing covers of songs, and some other original ones, along with her band, ‘Moonlight’. That is, at the single age she was accepted into Hope’s Peak Academy, on which she’d begin her (a)normal school life.

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