"C'mon, ask me anything you want- the future's like an open book to me. They don't call me a demon for nothing you know~."


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Naoya is a clever, quick witted boy who is skilled in reading people. He is a very sociable person who thrives off being the center of attention. He's confident, charming and very theatrical. He treats the world as a stage, where he is the star- he's not content to stay in the shadows, in every situation he must be at the forefront. He likes to cultivate an air of mystery as a psychic, and will often propose supernatural explanations for things even when he knows they aren't true. His attitude is an odd balance between over dramatic and lazy- he'll certainly talk a lot, but he's unwilling to take action unless he knows it'll benefit him. He isn't the sort to step up as a leader, as he doesn't like the responsibility, but he also doesn't like following orders, so he'll often act independently from the group. He's a bit reckless, as he tends to jump into things without thinking, but he's good at improvising on the fly. He's talkative to the point that it's almost impossible to shut him up, and he tends to flirt with almost everyone he meets.

His intelligence is not always apparent when you first meet him, since he tries to downplay it so that people won't suspect that his 'tarot reading' is actually him reading people. Due to his consistent success with his talent, Naoya has quite the ego. When he is taking something seriously, he can't even comprehend the thought of loosing. Naoya's main motivation throughout life is selfishness. He puts his own happiness above all else, and, though helping others isn't a foreign concept to him, he's always looking out for his own self interest.

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Naoya Kanno is widely known as a tarot reader with almost flawless accuracy. He appears on TV a lot, and has quite a large fanbase due to his looks, charm and mysterious aura. People have tried in the past to disprove his 'psychic powers', and he makes a huge show of proving them wrong. He is often called the Demon of the Arcana in media, a title he adores.

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