"Oh the Antlers? Well, I was looking for ant antennas, and I only found these. I think it works well! Get it? Ant... Antlers? ...Well, I thought it was pretty neat..."


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Junichi dressed pretty average, he has baggy jeans with a belt with a hoop, a one of those hoodies with those long pulley strings. He’s not what people would consider hot but he’s what people would consider a cutie. He has purple hair because he tried to dye it to be cool but messed up and doesn’t know how to fix it. He wears dark green contacts because he thought it’d make him look cool, it just results in people asking him if he.

Before going to Hope’s Peak he went to the store to buy Ant Antennas to wear but could only find a reindeer antlers he didn’t want to leave the store without buying something so he bought the antlers and wears them.

So his appearance does cause people to think he’s a dweeb cause he is a dweeb.

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Junichi Akiba is quite popular throughout the Ant community, his blog and website is the go to place for young ant raisers. There you are offered tips and shops to purchase ant homes and such. Junichi seems normal at first but as time goes on one realizes how strange he is and how he doesn’t seem to really get a few things. Junichi is always willing to talk about Ants and teach people about them.

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