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Yoshiya is half Australian, half Japanese, which granted him fern-green eyes and black hair that he grows out and styles slicked back and spikey. His bright skinned slim structure doesn’t give him much spare fat to work with and he has average muscle and strength, although for his standards, it looks good and is easy to keep. There’s a small scar on his left arm.

As for his clothes, he could be found on the streets with a pale yellow shirt and a slightly oversized checkered green jacket with its sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His black jeans look worn out, and his white athletic shoes have changed to gray over the years. Hung on his shoulders and laying on his back is an upright black violin case, always ready to perform on the go.

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Some days in his busy home-city, a street musician could be found playing his violin in a building’s shade with nothing but the worn out clothes on his back, his instrument, a small amplifier and his case open on the ground, gradually filling up with pocket change as hours burn away. His style is carefree and quick-noted; when he plays classical pieces he ignores the strict sheet music and his more modern covers make creative use of a repeat pedal, gaining him many fans that look forward to hearing him on the streets.

Despite what his street-fame and appearance might suggest, Yoshiya does have a history in proper recitals from young age, although the reasons for why he quit them seem to be a mystery.

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