"If your choice to love someone could save a love from being lost, then that noble love of yours might just be able to change the world."


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Ichiko is pretty tall, and he has dark red hair. He has a light blue coat, and under that an orange button-up shirt, usually left unbuttoned. He has one blue, heart-shaped earring in his left ear. He also has a lavender tie, and is wearing green socks, with grey, long pants. Ichiko is almost always seen wearing a face mask, and he hardly ever takes it off, even during news performances.

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Popping up seemingly out of nowhere, Ichiko Madoka is known for his ludicrous, crazy news broadcasts, almost backed with no evidence. Still, after charming his way into one of Japan’s biggest news studios at the age of 14, he was able to gain a high standing in the broadcasting career, as well as a small fanbase, almost overnight. A few days after, the place he had previously snuck into had given him a call, asking him to become a full time anchor for them. He gratefully accepted, with a hope to change the world, one broadcast at a time.

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