"Good grief... I'm Haru Maeda, Ultimate Calligraphist. You may leave me alone and we'll get along rather well, I believe from the bottom of my heart."


Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Haru isn’t very tall, measuring 1,65 meter. He has short dark hair with black eyes, with a small nose and chin. His skin tone is light, though not pale. Overall he looks androgynous, with a light frame, little traces of body hair and small features. He wears a black long sleeved shirt with a red tie underneath a black and white hakama. He wears dark formal pants and leather shoes with thick grey socks. Haru also wears dark framed glasses and a red tie under the hakama.

Backstory Edit

Haru Maeda is a bit of a mystery. A year ago, he suddenly showed up as an incredibly talented calligraphist, winning all sorts of calligraphy competitions and having his work exposed in schools all over the country. Despite that, little is known about his private life or his past, his strange outfits being the closest thing to a clue available.

Relationships Edit

  • Rin Fujimaki: Haru has a rather unique relationship with Rin, drifting between mutual hatred, uneasy friendship and occasionally an agreement to ignore each other. They often clash due to Rin's distaste for guys and Haru's desire for recognition due to his work and skills, rather than for what he is... But Rin also finds his comments and occasional advice rather insightful, and Haru appreciates her uneasy "respect", if you could call it that, for her.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Blood Type: O+
  • Likes:  J-Pop, ramen, dancing, singing, kimonos
  • Dislikes: Silliness, teamwork, stairs, Western customs, salarymen
  • He has stated that he's skilled at "singing, writing, cooking, jigsaw puzzle, tea brewing...", though so far there's no confirmation for such.
  • He's able to modulate his voice, sounding rather feminine and girlish at times.
  • Haru also suffers from a limp on his left leg, severely restraining his movements.
  • Haru uses the pronoun "ore" to refer to himself, not unlike a delinquent.
  • Haru's name uses the kanji for "Spring", "春", for Haru, and the kanji 前田 for Maeda. 前 means "front" or "forward", while 田 means "field". Thus, in a way, his name is the spring moving towards the fields, or the fields moving towards the spring so they may bloom.