"Knowledge is one of man's most powerful tools and it can be used in different ways. One way, to create. The other, to destroy. It has driven some to insanity, others to great wisdom. It is the foundation of this new world. I myself... Simply use it to create art."


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Edward is a boy with a rather long stature, and has the typical swedish look, blond hair and blue eyes. However he has his hair setup with a hair band over his left eye as to hide some nasty scars from the past. Otherwise his overall physique is slim and untrained, but he's often seen with a smile on his face.

Edward's attire consists of an old red jacket with cuff buttons, a blue shirt underneath, a belt where he stores his tools, some tuxedo pants and red running shoes.

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Edward Friberg, or as more commonly known as ‘Xalliphos’ is known as a world famous Digital Artist and Illustrator and amazes the public eye time after time of how some simple brush sweeps can create beautiful scenery. Even though the fame, no one knows a whole lot about Mr. Friberg. He doesn’t take interviews and only a few has seen the face of the man himself. But he will continue to shock the Big name companies time after time when their competitors gets truly wonderful art. Edward has publicly said that he will be off for a while because of his enrollment to Hope’s Peak Academy, a Japanese High School where the best of the best go. Truly a place for such a talented young man.

- Newspaper Article, Published in the Scandinavian areas.

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