Following Haru's confession, the students voted for him, sending him to his death.

Music: Destruction

The scene looks like an obstacle course, floating in the water, however, it doesn’t seem to be outside the boat. In fact, there’s walls that you can barely see on the sides of the video. Haru stands at the very beginning. The shrill blow of a whistle signals the beginning, and he tries to run as fast as he can, with his limp. A timer starts counting down, 3 minutes to complete the course.

The first obstacle is a low wall. With a bit of effort he’s able to climb over it, though it’s so low you wouldn’t even call it climbing, really. Onto the next obstacle! A tunnel to crawl through! With hardly any trouble, he completes this challenge.

The next one is stepping stones, where he has to almost jump from one platform to the other, to try to cross the water. With some struggle, he manages to complete this one, without jumping, but taking large strides between each one.

He manages to complete all of the challenges except for the last one, with some struggle. With 30 second left on the clock, all he has to do is walk across a rope bridge, and then he’ll reach the exit. Seems easy enough.

He slowly starts to cross the bridge, managing to balance quite well. 15 seconds left. 10 seconds. 9 seconds. Monokuma pops out from… under the water?! And brings out a huge pair of scissors, and cuts the rope, sending Haru into the water.

After about a minute, his body floats to the surface… but, it seems like it’s been deflated, almost like a pool toy without any air in it… something must have happened when he was underwater?

Then, Monokuma pulls and rolls out a large paper from a pocket in his belly area, and uses a dripping pink calligraphy brush to write something on it. When he’s done, he holds it up, showing the Kanji for despair. The ink is bright pink… the color of blood…?